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Ninja Turtle shoes! :)


WIP of the Michelangelo Side…

These particular shoes were bought at Rue21 and that's the brand as well.  Just Rue21.  They have flowers on the inside. :I

I used acrylic paints purchased at Joann such as Apple Barrel, Folk Art, and Craft Essentials brands.  Nothing special.

For the line art I used a Stained Sharpie Fabric Marker. 

No, the paint does not crack and fall off.  At least not a lot.  Like most shoes, they'll get dirty and not be as vibrant, but the paints stay on fairly well.

I use a Krylon Matte Protective finish when the paint has dried which helps keep the paint from coming off.
With the background color for each side, I usually get the whole side of the shoe wet and then put the paint on.  The shoe absorbs a lot of the paint and I think it helps it adhere better.  With the other details, I apply the paint with less water.
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November 30, 2013
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